Yellow Morels


I have been waited with bated breath for the return of the Wild Mushroom Man – aka – Honey Hollow Farms. He is here at last, and when I got there there were New Yorkers hovering over his treasure trove of “Grade A” Yellow Morels like hawks – or an angry mob with pitchforks. I managed to score four succulent looking morels – at $50/lb, I really can’t afford more! Sadly – by the time you read this, they may well all be gone. He’ll still have fiddleheads, ramps, and eggs. I adore his eggs – but they are usually only available in the spring and sometimes hard to score even in the mornings. Honey Hollow Farms though is always worth waking up for.

As for the rest: the market looks steady today. Fiddleheads here and there, and lots of greens. Asparagus is decreasing in availability. I think we are gearing up for the next BURST of veg. I’m crossing my fingers for the appearance of strawberries in a month or so. It’s a been a long and cool spring.

Happy 1 year anniversary to our compatriot: DairyQueen! May you have many more years with us at our office!

ETA: Beingreen says that everyone has asparagus and she thinks we are at the peak. I think we are falling back a little bit. Maybe that is wishful thinking though! Funny how when asparagus first comes in, you can’t get enough – and by midseason you can’t stand it anymore! The question is: should I freeze some, or can some, for later this year? Probably. Which one though, that is the question!

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3 Responses to “Yellow Morels”

  1. Annie Says:

    On freezing or canning: Why not both?

  2. baconbit Says:

    The only reason not to can is that I hardly ever just heat up veg from a can. :/ I usually throw them in stir fries. Would the asparagus get all mushy? I’ve no idea. I’m not big on canned veggies in general, except for peas and beans.

  3. Emily Adamson Says:

    Do you have a favorite mushroom recipe? If so, we’d love to have you submit it to our mushroom recipe contest (using any kind of mushroom). The winner will be mailed 2 lbs. of fresh morel mushrooms! Recipes can be entered at The deadline is Friday at midnight! Thanks, Emily

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