Bee pollen, who knew?!


Hello, Dairy Queen here. True to name I went straight to Ronnybrook Dairy this morning to ensure I could get half and half in the glass jar (on occasion they sell out by lunchtime and only have the smaller plastic versions later in the day). I was running late, so I picked up my half & half, small containers of strawberry and coconut yogurt, and some salted butter. I appreciate that Ronnybrook has dairy that although pasteurized (yes it’s the law unfortunately), it is not homogenized. I’m convinced I can taste the difference. Plus that first pour from the bottle into my coffee cup is extra- rich from the thick cap of cream at the top…I look forward to that treat once a week! I headed back out at lunch. The market is lovely today- sunny, crowded, full of flowers and lots of fresh food. I really enjoyed the live bee display at Andrew’s Local Honey. My favorite live animal at the market is still when farmer (and beekeeper) David Graves brought in a laying hen earlier in the spring. She was great! Anyhoo, I went a little overboard with my purchases today. Treasures included: bee pollen (apparently full of vitamins, minerals, amino acid and more); raw wildflower honey; handmade sheep’s milk soap; sweet, tender lettuces; smoked maple kielbasa from Tamarack Hollow farm; and really delicious caraway sauerkraut (lacto-fermented, very nutritious) from Hawthorne Valley farm. The market had one of my favorite sights today too- a couple of classes of school children taking a tour. The best education around- lord knows I’m learning new things every week!


6 Responses to “Bee pollen, who knew?!”

  1. Amy Says:

    I’ve been away from the market for a while because of a busy schedule, and have several empty Ronnybrook bottles that have been sitting in my house, looking sad. What I wouldn’t give to have a job right on Union Square that allowed for multiple trips in one day. πŸ™‚

    How early are you finding the Ronnybrook guys out there? I’m trying to do some informal research on the matter. πŸ™‚ Baconbit has given me a couple of data points already. Depending on where I find a job or where I’m temping at the time, I might be able to hit the market on the way to work. But on some days, that’s going to be pretty early.

    Interesting thing about Ronnybrook’s pasteurized but not homogenized milk – it doesn’t work as well for steaming/foaming in my cappucino machine. Ah, well. Small price to pay for awesome, local milk.

  2. baconbit Says:

    Don’t forget that on Fridays there is now Windthistle? Thistle? Dairy. Their milk is homogenized and local as well.

  3. Bklyndirt Says:

    Have you spied with your little eyes . . . the worm folks? I suspect they may be there only on Saturdays.

    I’m itching to get a worm bin up and running and will need to buy some red wrigglers soon.

    Sadly, I rarely get near Union Square these days, but I wake up first thing on Saturday morning for soe worms and a chance at morels.

  4. beingreen Says:

    PayDirt, we think they are called, is there every M/W/F, not sure about Sat as we are not at work on Saturdays (thankfully). They always have planting soil, but they don’t always have worms at the market. You might have to pre-order worms. Worm composting is a great thing to do, they make the best pets in New York!

  5. Dairy Queen Says:

    I just checked the Lower East Side Ecology website (see our Resources links). They sell worms, worm bins (and worm condos!), compost, and “Paydirt” potting soil- Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sat. from 8-5 at the Greenmarket. Here’s what the website says:

    “For LIVE WORMS, please call our office at 212 477 4022 to place an order FIRST! We only bring worms to the market as needed (they get kinda stressed out there…)”

    Happy composting!

  6. Dairy Queen Says:

    Amy, I’ll just ask Ronnybrook what time they set up next Wednesday and report back. I rarely get there before nine. Here’s a list of other Greenmarkets that carry Ronnybrook products too in case they are closer to home for you. I always visit them on Saturday at McCarren Park in Brooklyn if I need to stock up more than once a week or miss Wednesday.

    Union Square
    East 17th St & Broadway

    Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
    E47th St. & 2nd Ave

    97th street
    W 97th St & Columbus

    Greenpoint-McCarren Park
    (Lorimer & Driggs)

    Union Square
    East 17th St & Broadway

    Tucker Square
    W 66th St & Columbus

    Grand Army Plaza
    NW entrance Prospect Park

    Fort Greene Park
    Washington Pk – Dekalb & Willoughby

    Greenwich St – Chambers & Duanne

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