Good Monday!


Mondays tends to be a bit smaller at the market – but the Mushroom Man is here on Mondays and that always makes me happy

There are actually two Mushroom Men – one is a farmer and the other does wild mushrooms. I haven’t seen Wild Mushroom Man since last year – and he was getting sporadic then. I worry!

But, Farmer Mushroom Man was here today. He usually has grey oyster mushrooms, traditional white buttons, and some shitake. Today he had glorious YELLOW oyster mushrooms. I bought a chunk of ’em. There were still three big clumps when I left.
I also bought two bunches of asparagus at Yunno’s stand – I’m going to pickle a bunch tonight.

For some reason I thought American Pastures would be here today – last week I spoke to a gentleman there and he informed me he’d have rabbits this week. I am gaga for rabbit and so gave him a $5 for mine! Well, I’ll check again in the afternoon, and if not, hope for Wendesday. I need to go back out for a loaf of bread anyway.

Dinner tonight will probably be simple: asparagus and eggs and toast. Thought I might go wild and get fish instead.

The flower man has bunches of cornflower for $6 ! Purple, white, blue and pink all mixed together. He also has the parrot tulips that beingreen posted last week. Gorgeous! Those are more pricy though: $2 a stem – but worth it!

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