Ham, bacon, sausage…oh my


Hello all. Dairy Queen here.  We are extremely fortunate to have the Greenmarket just outside our office door.  It is a way for me to really get in touch with the seasons in the city and reconnect with the good good earth and all the people who lovingly work with it to bring us such delicious food.  Today I picked up a few items….wild arugula and lettuce, and from one of my favorite vendors- smoked, sliced ham.  Flying Pigs Farm is here on Fridays- with amazing bacon, canadian bacon, sliced ham, sausage and other treats.  They also usually have lard available- nice for baking. I’m planning to have ham with my eggs Saturday morning.  Yum.  Eggs are from Tello’s.  Sweet, nice people with really tasty eggs.  Happy weekend.


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