An Intro and Report


Good morning world – I’m baconbit, and I will be making reports here along with beingreen and (hopefully) dairyqueen. We all work right next door to the Union Square Greenmarket and thus someone is walking through it several times a week. I usually shop in the mornings there, which is great for a first pass at what’s there. I may also ramble occasionally about what I will make with my finds. I find that walking through the greenmarket inspires me, and invigorates my cooking in a way that going to the store just can’t. There’s always something fading away, or just coming in.

For the past week or so, I have been gorging myself on the beautiful aspargus that just came into season. We probably have another couple of weeks worth, and then it’s all over. I’m contemplating pickling just a little bit for martinis in the wintertime! Can you imagine a better stirrer? Why use an olive when you can have a spear?

Yunno’s in one of my favorite farmers – she is there Mondays & Fridays. Today I got her mesclun greens (sprinkled with violets) and some spring pea tendrils. These will make up part of my lunch, along with a multigrain roll from Bread Alone.

I still haven’t seen fiddlehead ferns this year – I love them and am awaiting them breathlessly.

There are tons of spring onions, green garlic, lots of lovely tender greens, a ton of asparagus, and of course – ramps. I love them – they are naturalized wild leeks and they are marvelous!

I also picked up some spring flower honey from Tremblay Apiary. Stop by their table – they offer tastes of all their honeys.

Today, I noticed a vendor I’d never noticed before: Wild Hive MicroBakery & Farm. They grow their own wheat, mill it themselves, and bake it into goods. I just polished off one of their cinnamon whole wheat biscuts. Good stuff – I can taste the honey in it! I noticed they had gluten-free cookies too!

Look for me on Monday, with another report. Happy eating, all!


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5 Responses to “An Intro and Report”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    great idea! this is really going to make planning dinner much easier. I’m having a few pangs of jealously, though, about your work locale.
    Let us know when those fiddleheads arrive! And who isn’t looking forward to strawberries again? I’m sooooo appled out.

  2. curdnerd Says:

    Yunno’s is great! Look out for their padron peppers and “fresh” edamame later in the season!

  3. katy Says:

    Phenomenal! This is a great resource. Now I’ll be able to judge better whether it’s worth the trek to Union Square at lunchtime during the week!

  4. Sam Says:

    Great blog. Please do keep us posted on the fiddleheads!! I can’t wait for them to spring!!!!!

  5. Lisa (Homesick Texan) Says:

    Nevia from Yuno is one of my favorite farmers as well–she always has the prettiest produce and I love how she sprinkles flowers over your baby greens. I shop from her on Wednesdays at the Dags Hammerskjold market by my office. Great new blog–I look forward to reading this!

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